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( Not available in Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb )

Cranganor is our little resort, tucked away in a sleepy village by the Periyar River in Kerala. The first thing you see in the morning through the slight mist is the fishermen. Gracefully they slice through the water as fish eagles swoop around them. On the village side, cycle bells chime, children and goats play as early morning wood fires send smoke curls into the sky. Baby asks me do you want coconut milk with puttu for breakfast and I nod greedily. Her husband, part time fisherman, part time tailor will bring us his fresh catch by afternoon. Baby’s is the kind of face where the grin won’t go away. Like she’s just finished laughing at a joke but can’t stop smiling. Come home to Cranganor.

- Rasmi, Vineeth, Tanvi & Tia

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