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20 meter Infinity Swimming Pool, Kids Wading Pool & Ayurveda Spa

Our Ayurvedic Spa is in a cozy little cottage with two massage rooms. The rooms have wooden roofs and bathrooms with coloured glass windows and a glass roof. The living and kitchenette have old style terracotta tiles interspersed with glass tiles that streams the sunlight in. It has a breezy veranda facing our twenty meter infinity swimming pool and childrens wading pool. Another veranda faces the garden. Climb up the tree-house on the old Jackfruit tree and spend some time up in the canopy looking at the Egrets skim over the river. 

Cranganor Interior-70.jpg
Cranganor Interior-89.jpg
Cranganor Interior-92.jpg
Cranganor Interior-73.jpg
Cranganor Interior-71.jpg
Cranganor Interior-86.jpg
Cranganor Interior-85.jpg
Cranganor Interior-74.jpg
Cranganor Interior-69.jpg
Cranganor Interior-72.jpg
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